Bookmakers' Demands For Betting

Bookmakers’ Demands For Betting on Their Platforms

Online betting platforms demand a lot from bettors before you can join their platforms and also become verified. They might let you sign up in certain circumstances, but you won’t have access to specific features until you verify your account. To join TonyBet and gain complete access to their quality bet features, you would have to upload some much-needed documents. 

Each bookmaker has specific needs its customers must meet before getting the full betting experience. Additionally, not all sportsbooks request multiple documents and numerous proofs of identification. On some sites, you can easily register with just an email address and a password. Below are some requirements you need to meet to start wagering on online betting sites.

Age Requirement: Must be Greater than 18

Age Requirement

Underage gambling is very illegal and could lead to severe punishment, so the most important requirement every bookmaker asks for is age. Therefore, in order to register with any online sportsbook, you must be at least 18 years old. The age requirement also depends on the bettors’ location because some countries go as low as 16 years as their legal gambling age. 

Upload a Proof of an Identification

A photo ID is important for joining an online betting site. The top sportsbooks in the industry always ask for proof of identification with your photo of you attached. It is important in case you win big in a sportsbook, they can easily identify you and payout your winnings. 

The type of identification needed depends on the bookie; it could be an international passport, driver’s license, or national ID. It must contain details like your name, age, gender, and address to be valid. Also, expired IDs are not accepted.

Must Have an Email Address 

Must Have an Email Address 

Using an email address is currently one of the easiest methods of signing up on any online platform. Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, and Gmail are accepted on online betting platforms. 

Have a Preferred Payment Method

These platforms have done you a favor by giving you access to various payment options. Before joining a sportsbook, there would already be a payment method you’ve been using in your day-to-day online activities. Therefore, you can easily continue with the same payment option on the sportsbook. Also, if you want to try out other means, there is an abundance of options for you. 

Accept Terms and Conditions 

Before accepting the terms and conditions of any bookmaker, it is imperative you go through them. You must go through each section thoroughly, as it is very important. This section usually contains vital information that could affect your bets either positively or negatively. 

You can skip this requirement because it is compulsory in your registration process. So, only accept if you are completely satisfied with the terms and conditions.

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